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We make soft bags for adventure motorbiking.

Customize your bike bags!

You can design your bag and we will manufacture it.

Choose an existing bag design!

We have an existing range of soft bags for adventure bikes.


Our designs are simple and elegant, no unnecessary bells and whistles on our bags.


Local manufacturing makes our bags affordable, without compromising quality.


We design our own bags with practicality in mind.

“It’s a way of life”

A quick overview of our product range

Our products are grouped as…

Barrel Bike Bags

-Barrel shaped bags are the core to soft luggage packing. Our current range offers primarily three barrel-shaped sizes for bikes: small, medium and large.

Choose your bag with or without pockets or handles.

Boxy Bike Bags

Box-shaped soft bags can be more practical for certain applications, for example, our tail-pack works perfectly as a square toolbox. Another great example is our pannier insert bag, these bags fit inside your normal hard pannier and can be removed for overnight use.

Utility Bags

Our utility bags are aimed at carrying all your gear, clothing or virtually any large quantity of things. These are very large carry bags. Not to be fitted to a bike, but carried. Now you can keep all your stuff for trips and camping in one large bag.

Get an existing bag or request a customised design…

Existing Range

Choose from our functional range of existing bags.

Custom Design

Design your own bag, customised to your own specifications.
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